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Spyware DLL Analysis and Removal Tool
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26 February 2011

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Removing malware and spyware today has become a herculean task and at times we may need to use multiple tools to completely secure our systems. You might have used a number of virus detection software but there is something unique about the new Spy DLL Remover 4.5. The best feature of this software is its capacity to completely remove Spyware Dynamic Link library files from any process that is going on across your PC through its superb Advanced DLL Ejection technique. Using low level Rootkit removal techniques, this software can tackle nearly all tricks with utmost ease. Another thing worth mentioning about this software is that it uses varied color codes for clearly representing each threat level, which in turn makes it quite easy to analyze and differentiate between different threats. One more thing that you must know about this software is that it can work along with other traditional Antivirus software for detecting possible threats to your system.

Spy DLL Remover on launch sports an aesthetically appealing interface. Amongst its prominent features, to begin with, there is an Advanced Spyware Scanner that detects concealed user land related Rootkit processes and dubious injected DLLs that are spoiling your PC. Unlike other antivirus software, this software has a simplified color based advanced threat depiction technique for clearing and analyzing various types of threats. Then, there is a sophisticated ‘Online Threat Verification’ for catching any suspicious elements through ThreatExpert, VirusTotal and ProcessLibrary. Spy DLL Remover 4.5 software also boasts of a DLL Tracer, Inteli-Refresh, Scan Settings, Direct Interface and Smart State of Art Techniques that all aim to remove viruses from your system.

So, to conclude we can state that, Spy DLL Remover 4.5 is stupendous software designed for meeting all your virus detecting needs for a safe and secure computer working. It is a fully portable software that can be easily and directly run anywhere without even a requirement for installation locally and thus earns a score of four rating points. The best thing about this tool is that even novice users can easily use it.

Publisher's description

SpyDllRemover is the specialized tool for detecting spyware & hidden Rootkit Dlls in the System. It can also detect & remove user-land Rootkit processes as well as other spyware processes using multiple [user-land] Rootkit detection algorithms coupled with in-house Process heuristics. This makes it a generic tool for detecting & removing any known as well as unknown threats compared to traditional Antivirus Softwares which can detect only known threats.
Here are more advanced features
# Advanced Spyware Scanner which can effectively detect hidden user-land Rootkit processes as well as suspicious/injected Dlls within all running processes in the system.
# Detection and removal of hidden user-land Rootkit processes using sophisticated techniques.
# Unique technique for completely removing the injected DLL from remote process across session boundaries using 'Advanced DLL Ejection' method.
# Sophisticated Auto Analysis based on Dll & Process Heuristics to help in identification of known as well as unknown threats.
# Color based threat representation technique for clear and easier analysis of various type of threats.
# Advanced 'Online Threat Verification' of suspicious elements using VirusTotal, ThreatExpert, ProcessLibrary & Google-Search to help in easier threat analysis.
# 'DLL Tracer' feature to search for suspicious DLL within all running processes using partial or full name.
# Advanced report generation for offline as well as remote investigation by third party.
# Completely Portable tool which can be run from anywhere.

SpyDllRemover is fully Portable software which can be directly run anywhere without installing locally. It works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system Windows 7.
Spy DLL Remover
Spy DLL Remover
Version 4.5
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